Real Name - Mark Lutch
Age - 37
Height - 6'3
Eye Color - Brown
Hair Color - Brown
Born - Albany, Georgia
Birthdate - April 6, 1980
Favorite Food - Burger and Fries
Favorite Place - Mall
Favorite Singers - Celine Dion, and Mark Miller (Sawyer Brown)
Favorite Hobby - Karaoke, and Shito-Ryu Seiko-Kai Martial Arts

Mark Lutch was born in Albany, GA. he started at an early age dabbling in singing. He would practice for hours hidden in his room growing up. Then as he got older, he started singing karaoke. He also started dabbling with mixing boards, keyboards, drums machines and later became a DJ. After all of this, thats when he started writing his own music. He feels he was blessed with a talent, to write and sing. And now he wants to share this gift not only with his friends and family, but the rest of the world as well.